**Save money on next years seeds!**

Kings seeds have a comprehensive catalogue of seeds and sundries available at a discount to Allotment Society members.  If we order in bulk through the Society, we can also save on delivery costs and get cash back for the Society.  This will be administered by Bernie from the shop, so call in for details or email him at: secretary@ivygreenallotments.org.uk.

 You can view the catalogue in the shop, the communal shed, or on line at https://www.kingsseeds.com  .  Orders need to be in by 30th October along with payment.  


There have been several instances of produce being stolen from plots. If you have any problems with theft or damage please report to a member of the committee, or the secretary at  secretary@ivygreenallotments.org.uk


Next Committee Meeting Monday October 9th

Ivygreen Allotments Society AGM Monday November 13th

Chorlton Library 7:30pm

All members welcome.

Any items for discussion to be forwarded to the secretary by November 10th for consideration by the committee.



Next Plot Inspection


Plot inspections are usually conducted the week following a committee meeting, depending on the availability of members of the plot inspection team.

Inspections are carried out between April and September.

Allotment Shop-Volunteers are needed to help keep this open - if you can spare an hour To cover any slots between 11:00 and 12:00 Saturdays and Sundays, please contact Bernie in the shop, or at : secretary@ivygreenallotments.org.uk


 Next Burn Day-To Be Arranged

No tipping of any material is allowed on the burn site until notice is given!  All weeds etc should be composted or removed from the site and disposed of in the tennant's green bin. They must not be tipped on the burn site!