If you  wish to receive notices from the Society  please contact : Admin@ivygreenallotments.org.uk to go on the mailing list.

Allotment Shop- now open for the new season.  It ineeds more volunteers to staff it- please give an hour to open it up.  The opening hours are Saturday and Sunday 11:00-12:00 -if you are able to help with this, or to open it at another time, add your name to the rota and contact Bernie via admin@ivygreenallotments.org.uk or in the shop.


Plot Inspections  The next inspection will be on Thursday June 14th from 6:00pm.


Next Committee Meeting-July 9th

Manchester City Council inspection -all the plots in Manchester are inspected each year and awards are made for the best plots.  We don't know the exact date yet but it will be in July.-we  have a copy of a marking scheme they use if you want to improve your chances of winning (see below).

Ivygreen Allotments were awarded a certificate for being "highly commended" last year (to go in the communal shed).  No certificates have yet been received for the plots. 

Allotment Competition 2016 (1).doc
Allotment competition criteria and marking scheme

Ivygreenallotments Annual Show-Sunday August 5th- See the show page for links to advice etc.

New Sunflower competition-Little people growing large! 
Sunflowers should be growing well by now.  The judging date will be Saturday 15th September. Plants will be measured by the plot inspection committee.